Merry Christmas 2017!!!

My last day of work was Thursday, 14th December 2017.  I started milking our goats Mama Patty and Candice the next day.  I wish I’d had the forethought to grab my camera and video my first attempt at milking the goats. Hilarious! I installed our scrawny little Mama Candice in the milking stand, provided her with food in the form of grain, and perched myself on the edge of the milking stand, giving her lots of room.  I held a stainless steel bowl under her with one hand and gently grasped her right udder with the other hand.  For 10 minutes she jumped around, lay down, kicked the bucket.  smashed into my jaw (causing me to bite my tongue – extremely painful!), and generally carried on like a pork chop.  I had proudly taken my sister down to the goat stable with me so that she could witness the first milking.  She leaned against the gate frowning (probably wondering if we’d made a huge mistake with this business of milking goats).  I didn’t extract a drop of milk.  “It’s important that I keep going even if I just pretend to milk them.  That way they don’t think they’ve won,” I grunted just as Candice kicked the bowl out of my hand.  My sister watched with her lips pressed together in a smirk, actively trying to suppress her laughter. God damn it!


A few days later I was milking like a pro.  DSCN0142.JPG

Anyway, today is Christmas day and our plans of meeting a group of neighbours at the creek have been thwarted by wild weather so here I am blogging instead.  Merry Christmas everyone.


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