Week 3

What’s in the garden?

Beetroot, beans and spring onion are doing really well in the nursery.

What’s on the menu?

Mango cake made out of mango, eggs, flour*, goat cheese, and honey. The * means shop bought.  It was a bit too moist but it was really tasty and we enjoyed it.  For dinner we sometimes have vegetables fried in Indian spices with rice – absolutely delicious despite the lack of coconut cream sauce.  Last night I cooked the same but I added diced pork and half a jar of freshly made mango chutney.

Made Indian mango chutney.  This is the second year that I’ve made it and it’s sensational. The recipe is basically fry garlic and ginger with cumin, cinnamon, cardamon, tumeric, and coriandar.  Add 4 mangos- diced, 2 cups of sugar and one cup of vinegar.  Boil for 1 hour.  Amazing.

Activities this week

We bought half a ton of hobby mix grain to feed the animals. It cost around $250 but it will last the whole year so it’s cheaper to buy in bulk.    Etienne did a work swap with one of his friends who used his truck to deliver the grain.


Etienne extracted honey from the beehives this week. That’s the honey extractor pictured below.

We don’t boil the honey or mix it with syrup. According to the US Food and Drug Administration, most companies and producers add sweetener to their honey – in fact they tested the pollen content of store bought honey and found that most is actually corn syrup that is flavoured with honey. The benefits of real honey are many ie high in antioxidants, some nutrients, improves cholesterol (and has other benefits related to heart disease), suppresses coughs, heals wounds and burns, counters pollen allergies etc

I went to town this week and did my food shopping at Bulk food – bought dishwasher powder (yes, we have a dishwasher –  it’s mostly being used for sterilizing jars though), vegan choc dusted macadamias, and apples.  The apples are going to be fried to accompany Etienne’s black pudding which is on the menu for next week- don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, seriously!

To make goat cheese, we boil the milk to 180 C and then add some lemon juice, vinegar or fig sap to separate curds and whey.  We hang the curds in cheesecloth to strain it.  The longer you hang it, the harder the cheese.  I make everything with goat cheese.  I made labna with goat cheese, dukkha, olive oil and a bay leaf from the garden.  Also made tzatziki -goat cheese, cucumber, onion garlic, oil, salt and lime juice.


Etienne make this food safe for our excess fruit.

Moments in time

I was looking forward to the freedom that I would feel this year. I feel a bit lost, however, without the structure of going to work.  My mind jumps around like a grasshopper and I find myself starting one thing then suddenly I’m doing something else altogether. To counter that, I’ve decided that this year I’m going to get out of my mind and be more in my body.  When I do yoga in the mornings, I notice that I feel positive and relaxed throughout the day.  Research shows that yoga improves your physical and psychological health. The most interesting benefits of yoga are that it

  • moves you from the sympathetic nervous system, to the parasympathetic nervous system (from fight-or-flight to rest and digest) – very good for mental health
  • increases flexibility and muscle strength and decreases muscle stiffness
  • decreases symptoms of anxiety and depression due to the way that yoga combines relaxation, meditation and exercise

I do yoga twice a week with my neighbour, Ina.  We both know the basics so we do our own independent practice but we share the space.  Having a yoga buddy means being committed to those times and days.

Have a great week people and even though we seem to spending a lot at the moment, things are going to settle down soon (fingers crossed).  Next week – an update on the goats.  They are amazing animals, very endearing, and as long as they have enough food in their paddock to browse around all day, they don’t try to escape.



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