Week 6

What’s in the Garden?

We’re harvesting some delicious eggplant at the moment.  Summer is a cornucopia of heavenly tastes. We can fill a big basket of produce every day.  However, this week we’ve had a couple of days in the thirties and unfortunately, a lot of my seedlings have succumbed to the weather. Damn the heat!!!

Our old hens have had numerous opportunities to procreate and haven’t managed to produce any offspring this summer so we’ve bought four baby chicks from Norco who require a lot of care.  It’s sad to see little chicks without mums, but we really need some younger hens.  I lie in the hammock and read my book while they have a little scratch in the garden beside me.  Yesterday they ventured further under the veranda and then refused to come when called.  Eventually they rocketed out (spooked by my banging a lump of wood on the veranda to try to scare them out).

At them moment the chicks live in a bird cage on the veranda.  There’s a carpet python hanging around waiting for it’s chance to snavel some dinner.  A few days ago, Bee and I were sitting at the table on the veranda talking about the chicks who were in their usual spot at the end of the veranda on a small cabinet.  Izzy walked onto the veranda and said “Mum, the python.”  I followed her line of sight and saw the carpet python hanging like a motionless coiled pendulum down from the roof with it face centimetres above the chick’s bird cage.  It was so still that Brit and I hadn’t noticed it.  (I’ve never claimed to be observant but Bee usually is!)

What’s on the menu?

Lunch: salad (home grown with dressing made from home-made red wine vinegar), freshly caught catfish, mango sauce and bunya nut chapati


Week 6 has passed and I don’t know if I’ve ever enjoyed life this much before!  Etienne and I are like two middle-aged peas in a pod.  Our two girls are sailing toward their futures.  It’s so good to hear them shrieking with laughter at all hours of the day and night. Etienne and I occupy the main house, Izzy has her room out the side and Bee lives in the granny flat. The girls tend to spend a lot of time together which is great because Bee is moving to Melbourne in March so we may never live as a whole family again.

Here’s a surprise – I get a kick out of being self-reliant.  I used to think that I couldn’t do yoga without an instructor.  But now I’m practicing a couple of times a week and the big benefit is that I can tailor the session to suit how my body is feeling.  This week I went on a writing retreat to a friends’a place for two days.  It was fantastic: reading The Lacuna (Barbara Kingsolver) and Braving the Wilderness (Brene Brown), writing stories and blogging, sleeping when I felt tired, enjoying long walks exploring the different environment with little white tail finches and brightly coloured butterflies. The only thing that would have improved this little retreat would have been a workshop or two.


Eggplant doing well in the green house.

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