Week 36

Tzatziki – the baby goat is a week old

What’s in the garden?


Now that it is raining again, the greenhouse is beginning to show signs of growth.  The broccoli and cauliflower that I planted months ago, didn’t produce any heads while it was so mild and dry. But now they are thriving.





Candy finally had her kid, a little buck called Tzatziki and despite some birthing complications, both are doing fine.  Tzatziki is very cheeky and prefers the company of Humus (the lamb) rather than his own mum.  Candy spends her days following him around gently braying to him while he completely ignores her and frolics with Humus.

What’s on the menu?

Our menu hasn’t changed very much- salad for lunch and meat and veggie for dinner.

Oranges There is always a silver lining.  The numerous frosts that killed our grass this year, have made our oranges lovely and sweet.  I’m enjoying going down the tree and picking an orange to have with my breakfast.  You can’t get fresher than that!  So if you’re one of the many people who think “I’d love to produce some of my own food” maybe you can make a small start with an orange tree.  Orange trees like slightly acidic, well drained soil.  There is lots of information online that can help you prepare the soil and choose the best position for an orange tree.  And, don’t forget to plant it with love. (God, I’m a hippy!)

Some musings

The Circle 

We’ve been living in the Jiggi valley for fifteen years. When we moved here, Bee was 6 and Izzy was 2.   Within the broader Jiggi community, we made close connections with the people we met through the local preschool and school that the girls attended.  Our kids grew up with a lovely network of families that socialised together. This network wasn’t perfect;  all the usual dynamics existed because some people have a natural connection or they have more in common with some than others. But regardless of that, we made ourselves available to support each other and that made it seem natural to ask for help when it was needed.  All of this was made easier by the regular face-to-face interaction that we had with each other. Now that our children have grown up some of us don’t see each other that often (some people work long hours now and others moved away from the area) so some of those friendships have slowly changed.

At the moment, I have a strong connection with a group of lovely, independent women who meet regularly to hold a circle; a safe place to talk about daily life and its challenges and to explore the spiritual realm of life.  I value the insights that these women bring to my life.  We care about each other and support each other.  I feel grateful that this has come into my life at this time.


3 thoughts on “Week 36

  1. Darcy sounds like a delight. I have lettuce, parsley, sage, Basil, shallots, curry leaves, bananas, mango, mint and thyme. I get so excited seeing them, I talk to them and share them. I love them and they love me back.😃


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