Week 38

Carpenter Bee clinging to some wax

What’s in the Garden?

One of our neighbours was getting rid of a lot of fencing and mesh.  Etienne offered to trade a couple of hours of work in exchange for some of her piles of mesh and fencing.  We picked up some of the mesh last week and when we got home Etienne whipped up a little garden for pumpkin, squash and cucumber.  We will store the rest of the mesh to use in one project or another.  Pictured below is the little garden that Etienne whipped up in about half an hour.

The pumpkin and cucumber vines will run up the sides of the mesh and out onto the grass.  At this stage it is crucial that we keep out the bandicoots because they dig up the seedlings when they are digging for worms and grubs in amongst the mulch.

Stone fruit #fresh

The stone fruit trees (pictured above) are covered in fruit.

Cherry guava #natural

The cherry guava is flowering.


The chicken pen is divided in half with the hen house in the middle.  They have picked all the weeds out of the left pen so  I have closed it off and released them into the right pen.  They are enjoying all the fresh greens.  I’ll plant pumpkin in the left pen because they have cleaned out all the weeds and fertilised it with their manure.

cherry guava #organic #delicious

Below are pictures of the veggies in the greenhouse.  I love the pink tinge on the cauliflower.

Pictured below is the new greenhouse going up.

The new greenhouse is slowly  #organicfarming #sprayfree

We planted potatoes in the sand where our second hand above ground pool had been standing (before it collapsed earlier this year).  I harvested the potatoes under one of the plants.

What’s on the menu?

Pineapple #foodismedicine

Homegrown pineapple.  It was big and delicious.

Roast chicken  and herb and vegetable quiche #crueltyfree

We are getting four eggs a day at the moment so ‘m making lots of quiches.  They are a great way to use up the leaves of the broccoli and cauliflower.  You can finely chop them and lightly fry them in the pan with the onion and garlic before putting them in the quiche.  Quiches are really tasty if you add some finely chopped parsley, thyme, basil, oregano, rosemary on top.

mulberry muffins #fresh #homegrown #sustainable
scrambled eggs and homemade bread for breakfast #organic
Roast lamb and roast potato, cauliflower, cauliflower leaf and carrot

Sadly my slow cooker isn’t performing very well.  I’m not sure if I’m over filling it (none of my cooking involves sticking to a recipe with set amounts) or if it is just not working.  I love using the slow cooker because it uses the solar energy that we produce ourselves.

Activities of the week

Rockabilly fund-raiser at the hall

We went to a rockabilly fundraiser at the hall.  It was fabulous.  Everyone dressed up and the hall was decorated so well that you couldn’t help feeling transformed into the 50’s.  It was a fabulous night.  I downloaded these pics from facebook.

Some musings

Bee, our oldest daughter flew up from Melbourne this week.  It was so lovely to see her.

It’s spring and the air has been full of fireflies.  It’s impossible to photograph these amazing creatures so you will have to google them if you want a look.  We have also had a little microbat in our kitchen.  Unfortunately, he ended up in the sink and looked a bit worse for wear when we extracted him.  We put him on the veranda on a tea towel to recover.  A few hours later he was gone.  Yes, I did photograph him with the flash, despite Izzy’s objections!

An Australian microbat that was trapped in the kitchen sink 😦



7 thoughts on “Week 38

  1. Your food choices inspire me!! Remember the bat (was it a micro-bat as well?) from the bathroom several years ago? Awesome pics (love the flowers) looks like you enjoyed your night at Rockabily


    1. Thanks Irene. Half our day revolves around growing food, watering food, harvesting food and preparing meals. It’s such a long process and it’s very rewarding when the meals taste really good (which is most of the time😉). The rest of the day is for socialising, reading etc. It’s truly a good life.
      I’m enjoying getting inspiration from your recipes x

      Liked by 1 person

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