Week 40

Rain, rain, rain…

This is a neighbour’s property in our valley.  I love this image

Finally the rain has come and now it doesn’t seem to want to stop.  Below is a picture of the hail that fell last week.

Hailstones falling on our deck
Rain damage – the sudden growth is causing the skin of the apricots to split

What’s in the garden?

The greenhouse veggies are growing at a rapid rate due to the huge amount of rain that has fallen in our area.

Below is the flowering pomegranate tree.

Pomegranate tree in flower

What’s on the menu?


This is a daily harvest of beetroot, lettuce, celery, carrot and to make a salad for lunch.  For dinner we had cauliflower and vegetable soup.

Lunch and dinner harvest

Self-sufficiency tip:

If you’re seeking perfection, then sustainability is not your path.  I mean this on multiple levels. On the most basic level, sustainability is involves developing ways to be self-sufficient and that requires you to work with the materials that are available to you.  It’s all about compromise.  Things may not be exactly the way you want them because you are always having to make choices about what you can make yourself and where you need to spend money.  You ask questions like “can I do this myself?”  “What is the cost to the earth?”  “Is this important to me?”  Sometimes you even have to ask “Is this worth the effort?”  For example, if you have a repair job that needs immediate attention and you could do it in a very environmentally friendly way but you need to go into town and buy things to be able to do it, you might have to ask the question: “is it worth the environmental cost of burning fossil fuel to go into town to buy this items that I may never have a use for again when I can improvise by recycling another less environmentally friendly item?”  Everything is a dilemma, so it is important to be able to let go of perfection and accept the decision that you make even if it doesn’t always suit your principles and/or your budget.  In the same way, you can never judge anyone else.  People aren’t perfect.  You aren’t perfect and I’m not perfect.  We need to support each other and try to understand each other’s decisions rather than be judgmental.

Even cooking is about compromise.  For most of our meals, we try to stick as much as possible to the ingredients that we have at home.  But sometimes, we buy things because they are available or we feel like a change.   Usually for our curries and stir frys we fry spices in homemade lard, then add our fresh produce and finally make a sauce with homemade stock. We often make enough that we don’t eat the meal with rice. In this way we make meals entirely out of our own ingredients except for some shop bought spices.  We also cook with homegrown herbs- basil, parsley, thyme, rosemary, oregano- so sometimes the meal is 100% our own produce.

For my birthday, Kenrick and Maree (founders of Wiccawood, our multiple occupancy) gave me a vase of edible flowers and a jar of homemade Thai curry paste, homemade with ingredients from their farm. (https://www.facebook.com/wiccawoodorganics/)  When we did the shopping, we bought coconut cream to make the Thai curry- pictured below.  It was delicious.

Activities of the week

We had a lovely party on Saturday night and as it was close to my birthday, so some people brought me pressies.  There was lots of chatting and laughter as we relaxed on the veranda (and in the carport where we set up couches and coffee tables) while the rain continued to fall quietly on the roof.  Ahhhhhhh…..

Cards and presents

I absolutely loved the handmade presents – Tink made a home-made hair conditioner that made my hair healthy and shiny.


It’s been raining for over a week, so one cold, miserable day, we hung our washing in the lounge room and lit the fire (pictured above).  It was lovely and practical.

The paddocks are lush and green againDSCN2341

Below is the next stage of the greenhouse– the tin is to keep out the bandicoots.  We need one more load of gravel the next time we go into town, then a trip to Ballina to get the netting and it will be all finished.





6 thoughts on “Week 40

  1. I like what you said about perfectionism. I think this is what contributes to our society having a throw-away mind-set. Businesses always coming up with new themes/products basically promoting people throwing away perfectly good materials to replace them with the “latest thing”. And people with money especially do that.


  2. I agree, Marg. There’s a polarisation happening in Australia. On the one hand, you have people who are happy to recycle and reuse, and for a lot of women this means shopping in Op Shops for their clothes. On the other hand, there is a generation of young women who can’t been seen at a party in the same outfit twice. They have to throw a dress away after they’ve worn it once. (Saw it on a great documentary called The War on Waste- the young women were such lovely sweet people but they couldn’t even contemplate the idea of being seen in an outfit twice – the horror!!!)


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