Week 42

Grape leaf with dew drops

What’s in the garden?

We’ve been madly planting in the new greenhouse and, with all the rain that’s fallen, everything is thriving.

What’s on the menu?


On Thursday, I made bread and peanut butter biscuits, thus maximising the use of the oven.  Whilst they were baking, I prepared my own simplified version of kim chi, a Korean spicy, fermented, vegetable side-dish.  Then, I made a green salad out of our homegrown veggies  (using our own homemade vinegar to make the dressing) and a potato salad using homegrown potato leftover from dinner the night before. We ate the salads with Etienne’s pate on toast (I know that I told you last week how delicious his pate is so I won’t go on about it again).


Also, I made calendula tea which is good for the skin.  This year of relaxing and regenerating has been good for my skin (people keep telling me) but still, after all these years of gardening under the intense Aussie sun, my skin has suffered!  Each night, I go to bed full of the reality that I’m 46 years old.   Miraculously, overnight my brain somehow resets and I forget my age entirely.  I wake up, yawn, roll out of bed, stretch, go to the toilet and, as I wash my hands in the bathroom sink, I glance up at the mirror and give myself a little fright.

Omlette: homegrown eggs, shallots, squash and basil with shop bought chickpeas, garlic and feta.  Salad with all homegrown veggies: lettuce, potato, beetroot and cucumber.
Coq au Vin using a rooster we were given by a neighbour cooked in homemade wine with homegrown veggies #homegrown

Activities of the week

The Festival of Small Halls function was on at the hall on Friday night. It is part of Woodford and it had that fabulous Woodford vibe.  Loved it.

Saturday night, we had dinner with friends and Sunday we had a round of drinks on the veranda with some of our lovely neighbours who came for a game of bow tag which was thwarted by the weather.

Update on the hips – the left one is completely better, the right one has improved but not completely.  I’m sleeping like a log and I’m stoked about that.

Today, I had to wait in town for a friend to have her lunch break.  I spent some time looking at op shops, I spent some time reading in the library and I spent some time typing up this blog in a new cafe that opened in Lismore.  It’s called the Dusty Attic and it’s a lovely space.  They have an ethical menu that lists where a lot of their products come from, including all the animal products, which are from local farms that raise animals in ethical conditions.  The menu is mainly sandwiches and flat breads so I had a ham, raw mustard, cheese and sauerkraut toastie.   It was really simple and tasted great.

Some musings…

Movie review: I, Tonya

This biographical movie portrays the life of the incredible American figure skater, Tonya Harding, who is infamous for her involvement in a plot to maim her main US competitor before the 1994 Winter Olympics.   Tonya is portrayed as an extraordinary skater, from a poor dysfunctional family, who was ignored by the US Figure Skating Association because she was not ‘wholesome’ enough to represent the US.  The movie starts with an interview of Tonya staring fiercely at the camera saying “most people’s impression of me (is that) I’m a real person.  You know, I ain’t never apologised for growing up poor or being a redneck… which is what I am.  You know, in a sport where the friggin’ judges want you to be this old-timey version of what a woman is supposed to be… (I was) the first US woman to land a triple axle.  So fuck ‘em!”  She cuts an enigmatic figure that is brilliantly performed by Margot Robbie.

I enjoyed the movie.  I think it achieved it’s difficult aim of arousing empathy for Tonya, a strong personality under a lot of social and economic pressure. The movie was cleverly structured like a documentary with interviews of the people involved, followed by re-enactments that show a potentially more truthful perspective than those given in the interviews.  Whilst being respectful of the interviewees, this creates a glimmer of humour in an otherwise incredibly tragic tale of a child prodigy who is abused by everyone: her mother, her boyfriend, the competitive skating judges, the media and even her audiences. I watched the movie a few nights ago and I haven’t been able to get the unforgettable character of Tonya’s overbearing mother out of my head.  Allison Janney gives a fantastic performance of an abusive mother who seems as out of place in the figure skating community as a shark amongst the fishes.



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