Week 43

What’s in the garden?

Choko growing on the side of the stable #sustainableliving
Nectarines #organic  The fruit fly are so bad this year that we have to pick the fruit before it ripens, cut out the fruit fly damage and eat the nectarines when they are still a bit green.  We have found that they are really good if they are stewed in water (with or without sugar and spices like cinnamon).

Old Greenhouse:

New Greenhouse:

What’s on the menu?

Paw paw for breakfast  #fresh #delicious


Lunch: bacon (remember lovely Wilbur the pig) and egg with a side salad and paw paw.  The seeds and feta are the only ingredients in this meal that we didn’t grow ( also the salt, oil and pepper in the salad dressing)
Delicious honey muffins – organic stoneground wholemeal wheat flour, rice flour, olive oil, eggs, honey, coconut, a splash of water and a splash of vanilla.


A delicious lunch – salad, beetroot, kim chi, egg, cucumber and black pudding, with toast.  Delicious
Salad with all our own ingredients
Lunch: pawpaw, left over veggies and rice mixed with homemade kim chi, sushi balls with smoked carp and avocado (the avocado came from a neighbour’s farm – they  have an honesty box system).

Some musings:

This week I only have time for some photos.  Quick note: life is busy with watering and weeding and trying to survive 38 degree days; Etienne is now 46, we did a fair bit of socialising this week, the goat has decided that she’s not too keen on being milked anymore (painful), the clutch was fixed on the ute ($1450 – Arrrgh), and Iz was housesitting for our neighbour for the week.


5 thoughts on “Week 43

    1. Hi Irene, We had dinner with friends, Nicholas and Melanie this week and I made the slow cooker meal again. Nicholas is a culinary expert and he loved it. He was very impressed by the simplicity of the ingredients and that we could gather almost all of them from our property. Thanks for that great recipe.
      I can’t believe how close we are to the end of the year. Looking forward to seeing what you have for Christmas dinner (if you celebrate Christmas). We aren’t big fans of the commercialisation of Christmas so we generally keep it simple. But we cook a nice meal and spend the time together.


      1. Hey Cathie, thank you for mentioning your dinner with your culinary expert friends, and the encore of my recipe in your kitchen; I am so excited to know that you are in a distant continent, but we are able to make connections through simple moments of growing, cooking and enjoying food. We do celebrate Christmas, and it is not very fancy or complicated, but I always look forward to cooking and spending time with my family. I am also amazed by how fast the end of the year is coming, I am probably going to start posting some Christmas themed entries soon; I look forward to readings yours, as always.


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