Week 44 – That’s all for now, folks

This is my final post for 2018

There are a few health issues with my brother and mum at the moment and I’m the happily available daughter and sister who can visit, support, cook and clean. I can entertain as well (if you want to be astounded by yet another performance of Lady Macbeth’s famous monologue!!! …some elementary Irish dancing perhaps??? …..a poetry reading? …a Limerick!?!) Anyway, I’m going to be away (on and off) until Christmas and will therefore not continue updating my blog.

Etienne and I would like to thank all of you wonderful followers, visitors, family and friends, in Australia and around the world, for your interest in this amazing journey that we’ve undertaken here in the Northern Rivers.  It was a pleasure to share this year with you, the good and the bad.  We hope that we’ve managed to convey the essence of our lifestyle and contribute to the chorus of voices creating positive change for our lovely little planet.  We love sharing ideas with the amazing, innovative people around us and we’d love to think that we’ve been able to pass on some of these ideas.  Perhaps we have planted a little seed in some of you.

Thanks to Irene and Tug, who opened the lines of communication across states and across the world.  (I’ll continue to check out your blogs to see how you are going – and, of course, to glean great recipes and helpful gardening tips from you both.)

Etienne’s parents gave us some money last Christmas.  We decided to spend some of it on fruit trees.  We’ve waited the whole year for spring to arrive (that’s the best time for planting trees.) Last weekend, we went to the market and bought fifteen fruit trees including tea, carob, rollinia, avocado, sabo nut, peanut etc etc.  We’re always experimenting with different varieties of trees to try to find species that don’t get attacked by every critter on wing and foot.


I’m off to plant some trees!  Remember- from little things big things grow.…..


6 thoughts on “Week 44 – That’s all for now, folks

  1. I’m going to miss reading your blog Cath. Congratulations on everything you have achieved as a family this year. It’s just amazing. Healing thoughts to your mum and bro xxx


  2. Hi, Cathie! It has been such pleasure to follow your and your family’s journey; I feel truly blessed to have been able to make a connection, and learn so much and get inspiration about living sustainably. I will be looking forward to reading your comments, and my thoughts and warmest wishes are with you for a successful and positive planting and end of the year, and healing for your mom and brother. Big hug, friend!


  3. As above, Cathie, here’s wishing you and Etienne the very best of things. It’s been quite a journey we’ve followed, with your ups and downs. Just come back when you’re ready! Hope things get better soon with youe Mum and Bro. Take care.


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