Etienne’s baskets

my husband, Etienne, and I, live on the North Coast where we’ve raised our little family for the past forteen years.  We have a twenty one year old daughter, Bee, who is a very sweet (and stubborn).  She plans to move to the big smoke this year. We also have a younger daughter, Izzy, a lively sixteen year old who decided at the age of fourteen to convert our stable/shed into a bedroom – and she did a fantastic job (would love to show pics but not allowed to).  

we live in a picturesque valley where we are surrounded by a diverse and inspiring community of people each with an amazing story to tell. In one way or another we all share a connection to our community and our environment through our flower gardens, pets, houses made out of mud, straw, bottles, tyres etc, farms, veggie patches, forest regeneration and through our respect for each other’s values and beliefs.  I feel very blessed to have this life.

for 2018, Etienne and I are experimenting with living as sustainably as possible, reducing our environmental footprint, being self reliant and connecting with our beautiful environment.

hope you enjoy following our story…

cathie and etienne