Northern Rivers Survivalists

Fifteen years ago, my husband and I were leading double lives.  We lived in the suburbs of Brisbane and by day, we were plodding along, working, looking after the kids, cooking, cleaning, busy, busy, busy.  By night, we were relaxing on our suburban front veranda, sipping a home-brew, reading Grassroots magazine, and fantasising about going bush.

We live on Wiccawood Rural Landsharing Community now, a tiny piece of the Northern Rivers that we share with three other families.  Over the past fifteen years we have come a long way to achieving our dream . We bought a share in the community, built a straw bale house, gardened madly, planted fruit trees in floods and droughts, raised pigs, sheep, goats and chicken, established bee hives, and watched our horse-riding children grow up in the safety of a diverse yet close-knit community.

Everything has been leading up to this moment. It’s 2018 and we’re living off the land for twelve glorious months.  No jobs! No travel. No theatre. No lattes. Just us and our little footprint.  Our goal is to produce our own food.  We think we can live on $10, 000 for the year, and still live a modern, albeit minimalist lifestyle.  So, we’ve been saving money for the last ten years and now it’s 2018, we’ve reached the target and we’re ready to go…. Fingers crossed!